Dinas Kearsipan dan Perpustakaan Prov. Kep. Bangka Belitung

The Development of Interests and Reading Culture Activity 2017






Based on the Governor’s rule of Bangka Belitung Number 58 of 2016 on the Position, Organizational Structure, Duties and Functions, and Work Procedure of the Regional Office Bangka Belitung Province,  Department of Archives and Library Bangka Belitung Islands through the Field of Library Material Development and Library Services will conducting one of its function through some activities such as guidance for user, publication and socialization, competitions, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops, seminars, talk shows (interactive dialogue), counseling and discussion.

Due to those matters, in 2017 Department of Archives and Library of Bangka Belitung Province will implement 4 (four) series of competitions as follows:







Poetry Writing Competition for Elementary School/ The same level students

April 2017

50 elementary strudents


Short Story Writing Competition for Junior High School and Work Popular Science for Senior High School students

Mei 2017

50 Junior High School Students

50 Senior High School Students


The storytelling of Local Language Competition

Juli 2017

20 groups  (general)


Story Writing Competition

September 2017

50 peoples  (general)


It expected that those competitions above could stimulate the talent of writing and storytelling for children and society. In generally, it will increase the interest and reading culture around Bangka Belitung Province.




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