Dinas Kearsipan dan Perpustakaan Prov. Kep. Bangka Belitung





Watching the rebroadcast of the election debate of Bangka Belitung’s governor candidates in one of national television station on Saturday (04/02) give a new comprehension on the range of policies and actions to be taken by each selected candidate. Bangka Belitung’s societies hoped that the new selected candidates will bring a prosperous life for Bangka Belitung’s people can be realized.


At this moment, the debate was not much different from the previous one. Each candidate explained their big vision for the next five (5) years, had session of asking and answers question from each pair and the scene that showed their deficiency and advantages of each candidate.


When the candidates were presented about their visions, most of their presentations were only focused on an education, health, mining, agriculture, trade, cultural and tourism sector and their future projections to be realized. In addition, one of the candidates was mention about the quality of human resources. None of them mention about how to improve literacy skills of peoples in this country, strategies to increase public’s interest and the way to distribute variety of literacy for people in this country as  reading and writing will create a big change.


Laskar Pelangi’s Novel written by Andrea Hirata was an example of works which gave a new changes for this province especially Belitung island. All this time, Bangka Belitung famed of peppers and tin. But now, it changed. Andrea Hirata had introduced Bangka Belitung both national and international through his novel.  His work has earned two (2) prestigious degrees in international level and it been translated into more than 30 languages and being the literary references in some Australian universities. It was a remarkable achievement for this country.  He had also earned 3.6 billion rupiah from his novel which keep on increased. What a fantastic value right? All this achievements were the result of reading and writing.

Owing to Laskar Pelangi Novel, Andrea built the first museum located in Gantong village on 2010. The museum called “Museum Kata”. The museum had made Gantong village famed in international as a Laskar Pelangi village.



Now days, Literacy must become a culture as each activity cannot be separated from the ability of reading and writing.  For example: if we are applying to works in a company, a candidate need to write an application letter to fulfill the conditions. How it would be if we cannot read and write? The ability of reading and writing are also a must when we are dealing with the law as each agreement must be related with a series of words. If you do not have the ability to read and write how it would be?


In this modern era, reading is a must. We can start it with reading any kinds of interested things.  Reading is not only limited in form of books or prints on paper such as newspapers and magazines now.  It can be easily enjoyed instantly through a variety of modern tools such as mobile phones, mobile phone, Gatget in anywhere and anytime that we like. Beside, reading a lot could increase our knowledge, could create a business opportunity, changing ourselves and give some ideas. To keep those ideas, we can pour it into an essay.


Reading and writing had brought us to a big change to our life and even to our country. It had proven by Andrea. For the next changing, we are waiting for the changes that will be presented by our new future leaders.

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