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“Ignored if not needed and hunted like a diamond if it needed”.  It’s a right expression for an archive in a real life. Archive was often neglected even it has a valuable price.  Archive is a record of events or activities in various forms and media in accordance with technological developments. Once the recording of events had occurred, it cannot be repeated. It was contrast with book, journals and other publicity materials.  According to its context, archive has a unique chronology and only produce once product. In addition, it was also authentic, legal and reliable.

Nowadays, archives were not just in a piece of paper, but it was also in electronic records such as CD, DVD and hard disk. Vital Archive is a kind of archive which its existence is a basic requirement for the sustainable operation for the archive’s creators, cannot be updated, and irreplaceable even it lost or damaged. Personal files or personal records such as birth certificates, diplomas were a vital archive for individual. For example, if our diploma lost or damaged due to fire then the relevant agencies will only issued an identification papers. Therefore, start caring our own archive by storing them in an appropriate place and a good way.

Society also has very important role in the management, preservation, use of archives and the provision of resources, as well as an education and training archives as its set in the archival regulation. The society participation can be implemented by: creating an archive on activities that may lead to the emergence of rights and obligations in order to ensure the protection of civil rights and intellectual property rights and supports the order of the activities of state administration and storing and protecting archives of individuals, family, political organizations, and civil society organizations respectively in accordance with the standards and provisions of the legislation. In addition, the society participation in the rescue carried out by way of: hand over archives to the archives, reporting to archival institutions when it learned of the sale, demolition, destruction, falsification and alteration archives by State institutions without going through the procedures as stipulated in the Act, and protecting and save the archives and the archival storage of natural disasters, social upheavals, war, sabotage, espionage, and terrorism in coordination with the relevant institutions. The government gave awards to members of the public who participate in the activities of protection and rescue archives.

Archive has a very important meaning. We will realize it so important if we need them for a legal proof, when it damaged and lost. Many experiences could we got from the significance of the archive, therefore, start from now let we care about the archive, all can be started from our private archives, or personal files. If we had to instill in us the importance of archives then we will keep any existing archives. In addition, there are laws that regulate and sanction or a fine of up if deliberately destroy archive without the procedure, do not maintain the confidentiality of archive, from reselling or giving archives that have a value to the historical to the other party and so forth. Therefore, starting from now please care for the archive as it was very valuable. Besides that, we can know the history in the past from archives.

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