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Reading was very useful, positive and productive activity to do. It was also easy to be done by all level. By doing reading, a person can get something new.  In the world of education, reading activity is a must as it could increase our knowledge/information and will produce qualified human resources too. Someone who loves reading must be good also in conversation as their words were easy to understand, systematic, structured and rich in vocabularies.


Having a child who loved to read was certainly a dream of each parent. What a wonderful teaching time if our children had interested in reading. We don’t have to spend a lot of energy just to ask them to study as they will do it spontaneously and even precisely to buy a new book.


How parents educated their children were determine children reading interest grow. It depends on their parent’s habit too.  If their parents used to read books, the children will have the same habit too. Children will get and learnt new information by reading a lot of books. The parent’s roles are also necessary to foster children reading interest as early as possible. 


There are several points that need to be considered in growing early childhood reading interest, namely:

  1. Parents should give good samples to our children that reading was a fun activity to do and do it as our daily habit.
  2. Provide a family library at home supported with comfortable facilities and infrastructures for children.
  3.  Give them a gift in the form of an expected book when they achieved a success.
  4. Choose the right reading material according to their ages. For example, provide books that include an easy and fun visualization for an early childhood.
  5. Create a fun reading atmosphere and accompany them during reading time.
  6. When we are in public places such as restaurant, ask them to choose their own food menu or you can play "looking for words" from the restaurant menu.
  7. Have a good communication with their teachers to monitor their progress at school.

It can be concluded that reading interest needs to be grown since the beginner. In addition, since they were able to read. However, parents are still need to pay attention on children’s progress and no pressure as reading interest should be instilled from their education and the habit of their family.

Family education was form of parent’s responsibility to their children as they growth, learnt about life until they could stand alone were from their family. This was the reason why parent’s influences have big and important role in stimulating their children reading interested since an early age.

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