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A Passion of Reading influenced the Writing Skills




We do reading as there was someone who did writing and someone did writing as there was a reader. As pairs, both of "reading skill and writing skills can’t be separated as those languages skills had closely related to each other". Somebody will get many kinds of information that will enrich their knowledge through reading. Later on, it will help them in phrase it back through an essay.


The same thing happens to writing, an expression of knowledge or information in the form of an essay will enrich knowledge and information for readers. Leonhardt (2005: 24) says that reading and writing are intertwined. Children who had passion of reading will have a written sense of language and will be phrased into their writing. The same opinion was also stated by Marahimin (2004: 17) that the relationship between reading and writing are closely enough. To be able to write, we need to read a lot.


Reading was the principal means leading to writing skills. Even though reading activities were closely related to writing, in reality, reading activity was still not being a habit of peoples in Indonesia. In addition, Indonesian reading interest was remains less. It seemed not well-balanced with oral activity of hearing and speaking. This phenomenon was still motivated by the oral cultural practices in our society life. Similar opinion was also stated by B.P. Sitepu which quoted by Sumarna (2010) that low interest and reading motivation related to reading competence, requirement, environment, and availability of reading material itself.


The low reading interest of the communities were also caused by less of reading interest in the family environment and the teaching systems that do not require students to read at school. For example, some students of high school level who do not run a mandatory program of reading books having difficulties in pouring their ideas into an essay as their had lack of information. Passion in reading is one of the value of the cultural education and the character of the nation that needs to be developed. Although the ones listed in the values were merely passion of reading, but it would an impact on the ability of writing skills.


At last, it was obvious that reading and writing have closely relationship. Someone who was good in reading will easily to express their knowledge into an essay. As their passion of reading, they had a lot of information that will help them easily do their essay. 

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