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A librarian is not only required to master the field of library science, but he/she is expected to understand the condition of user through social interaction too. In interacting with the user, librarians can perform their role in well if they have the ability, skill, and competence in the field of perpusdokindo. Social interaction is the key of all social life because without any interaction there will be no together life (Kimball Young & Raymond in Soekanto, 1992: 67). In an interaction it must be an interrelation between the two objects. For example:  the user asks the librarian about the collection with a particular subject. If two peoples meet, the librarian will greet the user, or the visitor will ask the librarian.

The activities occur in the library are one example of form of social interaction. It occurs if two individuals or groups have social contact and communication. Social contact is the first stage of social relations. Communication is the delivery of information and interpretations and reactions to the information submitted.  In social contact, communication is a process where each party uses symbols (verbal or action) in their own way. 


It takes several conditions to make an interaction, According to Gllin and Gillin (Soerjono Soekanto 1989) the requirement of social interaction consists of social contact and social communication. Social contact is not only a physical contact. It refers to the social relationships between individuals with other direct individuals, such as touch, conversation, or face-to-face as a form of action and reaction. With the development of social contact technology, it can be done without touchable, for example by telephone, telegraph and others. Communication refers to the process of delivering messages or someone to other peoples directly or using tools so that others will give feedback or a particular response after the contact. 


In summary

Social interaction between librarians and users occur through social contact and social communication. If one of the conditions is not met, it cannot be said as a social interaction.  If there is no understanding or feeling from each other, its only can’t be said as a process of social interaction. So, social interaction will happen if both understanding of the intentions or feelings could be met each other.


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