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The important of user’s education at the Library



 A library is a centre of information and source of science that acts as a disseminator of information for all levels of society without discriminating the users. Besides, a library is also expected to be able to educate the user to be orderly and responsible in using all the collections maximally. Thus, the library will function optimally if user knew well and quick how to find the information needed.


User education is one way of introducing the characteristics of a library. User education is designed to educate the user to know the library information sources consisting of library collections, facilities and services, utilizing information resources appropriately and quickly and being an orderly and responsible user. User education is a program organized by the library to provide guidance, instruction, and education to users in utilizing information services and library facilities, such as catalogs, computers, microfis, micro film, and CD-ROM. Forms of user education, among others, with lectures, training, orientation, leaflets, discussions and more. User education according to Hazel Mews: ".... Instruction given to readers to help them make the best use of a library ". (User Education is the instruction to help user using the library well). The main purpose of this activity is to introduce to user that the library is a system in which there are collections and other sources of information. According Rahayu Ningsih (2005), there are various objectives to be achieved, including: 

  1. Helped user used the library effectively and efficiently
  2. Helped user could use the center of literary and find relevant information to the problems encountered.
  3. To inform the user that a library provide printed and unprinted information.
  4. Presented the types of collections and their characteristics to college students.
  5. Provide training or guidance to user in using the library and its source so they could analyze a problem, find the relevant subject, learn and solve problems.
    1. Evolving user’s interest
    2. Shorten the distance between librarian and user


In conclusion: User education is needed to be done as there is multiple of library users and information source available in the library.  In addition, it is also an effort of optimizing library utilization because having good educational, users can improve the utilization of facilities in a library.


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