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In the library, Public Relation (PR) is a must in fostering a two-way communication relationship between the leadership with librarians, the leaders with stakeholders¹ and library with user. The presence of PR aims to build public awareness of library, highlight the existence of library, the location and activities. In addition, PR also helps users to be well-informed and give them an alternative to come to the library in their leisure time.


One definitions of PR is "the management function that establishes and maintains mutual relationships between an organization and the publics on their success or failure" (Cutlip, Center & Broom, 1994: 6). This definition reveals that public relations is not just a communication activity but it is also a management function dealing with efforts to build mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its public.

Management is a must in planning the work programs of PR and in conducting two-way communication. To reach the goal of the library, PR management is requires as a thinker, conception of planning, organizing, coordinating, communicating, supervision and assessment. In two-way communication, PR is a media to deliver messages or information in the form of press release, feature (special essay), articles, annual reports, prospectus/leaflets on information services and all resources in the library.

In addition to act as a communicator in delivering messages or information about policies and work programs to user, public relation is also acts as a mediator, accommodate the aspirations or wishes of public/ users, build good relations with the public and  maintain a library positive image library. The success of Public Relation in the library is inseparable from the professionalism capabilities of librarians that include aspects of knowledge, skills, honesty, integrity, loyalty and high credibility.

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