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Librarian's Attitude in Providing Excellent Service



The library is a place of gaining knowledge all the time. Everyone can learn without knowing ages in the library. Library can’t be separated from education system of the agency. In addition to functioning as a source of information,   it was also as an important support and a reference for a scientific research and an acceleration of knowledge transfer. Now days, a library is equipped with various facilities such as internet access to attract visitors to come to the library. 


One of the most important components of a library is the librarian. Based on Law no. 43 of 2007 on librarianship, librarian is a person who has competence of librarianship obtained through education or training and also has the duty and responsibility to carry out the management and library service. Library service is a library information service/information source conducted by library to fulfill requirement of user. This is a library activity in providing services to the user.


According to the Indonesian Librarian Dictionary, the excellent service is the best service which can give satisfaction to the people who are served. On the other word, the excellent service is the best service in fulfilling customer's expectation and requirement. It can be concluded that the excellent service is the best service that librarians can do or give to the users, make them feel satisfied and cared when they came to the library or when they communicated by phone. The library should be more closely, friendly, quickly and accuracy in serving the users. The librarian should be able to erase the impression of stiff services in the library.


From those explanations above it showed that the excellent service is depend on the individual of librarians, especially their attitudes and behavior as it will effect on their result services.  So, in providing an excellent service to users, both the library as the institution and the librarians as a servicer need to be improved.

As set out in the ethics code of librarian Indonesia in 2006, there are several attitudes must be have by librarians, namely:

  1. A librarian must be upholding the individual rights of information. They should provide an unlimited access, fair regardless of race, religion, social status, economy, politics, gender, unless determined by legislation.
  2. A librarian must protect the user’s privacy right and the confidentially concerning the information sought.
  3. A librarian must be wise and polite either speech or deed in serving users.


According to Zeitthemi in Kosasih (2009) the quality of service will be good if the librarian is willing to serve the reader with pleasure, willing to help, and ask the user on what they need before they ask. To improve the quality of their service, below are dimensions must be fulfilled by the librarian:

1.  Tangibles (tangible), the space and equipments should be comfortable and well ordered. They are also must be look attractive.

2.  Reliability (reliability), the performance of librarians must be reliable and accurate to minimize errors.

3.  Responsiveness (responsiveness), librarians should be able to answer the questions from the users in a short time. If users can’t found what they search, librarian will show them the place.

4.  Competence (knowledge and skills), librarians must be trained in providing services to the user.

5.  Access (ease of connection), the atmosphere of the library should be comfortable and the means of communication available to tracked the information quickly.

6. Courtesy (behavior), each librarian should be polite, friendly and having perceptive to the user.

7.  Communication (communications), librarians should be able to listen to the desires and aspirations of the reader and willingness to inform the update information to users.

8.  Credibility (honesty), librarians must uphold the honesty of his/herself, among librarians and users.

9. Security, the Library Service shall ensure the physical safety, comfort, and security of confidential and valuable goods.

10.  Understanding the Customer (understanding needs), librarians should be able to explore, identify, and understand the needs of the user.


If the librarians are able to describe the ten criteria above, the excellent service will be realized in the library.


In summary

An information technology and facilities are needed to provide an excellent service in the library. However, an information technology is not everything without balancing with the competent of human resources. It means that any sophisticated information technology will be meaningless if not supported with competent librarian. 

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