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Make Reading is Fun



An activity to enrich our knowleges is reading. However, for some people reading is a boring activity to do. If someone has lowing interest in reading activity, they will feel bored, sleepy or even fall asleep at the beginning of reading few sentences. Actually, this situation will not happen if we know the reading techniques which could make it exciting or even addictive.

             Children reading interest could be growth since their early age. This activity can be started by introducing them a pleasant reading activity. Here are some ways to make reading is a fun activity to do:

  • Choose interesting reading materials. In this case, interesting does not mean books which have a colorful cover or a funny picture but we had choosen a book that we like most to be read. If we had chosen an appropriate book that we like most, it will attract us to know more about this book. We feel curiousity of the book’s content and trying to finish reading all pages completely. As a result, we are used to do reading.
  • Create a comfortable place and atmosphere to read. On the process of reading, we need a sense of security, comfortable and peacefull atmosphere that will support us easily to receive the information inside the book. Find a comfortable and quiet place such as garden, porch, or other places that can make us feel comfortable and ease to do reading.
  • Do it in a right time. Just do reading activity only in our free time such as before bedtime. For some peoples, reading a book before bedtime will make them falling asleep but If we had used to do reading before going to bed, it won’t did.
  • Find friends or someone who have the same hobby. Surely, this activity will be more excited as we can read and discuss together.

Sometimes, started a good one is a difficult thing to do as well as reading. But, reading will become a fun thing to do and addicted if we had get used to do it.





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