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The Impact of Advanced Technology on Child Reading Interest






Technology is a useful thing to facilitate all aspects of human life. The world of information seems to be inseparable from technology. In this modern era, anything could be solved in practical ways. According to Ruspandi (2014), technology was originally created to facilitate each human activity. Now, technology had growed and increased at full speed along with the times. There are kind of technologies in this multimedia era such as television, computers, laptops, mobile phones / smartphones and so forth.


The technological advance is something to be grateful for. It had made most people around the world getting pampered with its sophistication. However, it was also brings positive and negative implications for human life.


There were positive and negative impacts of advance technology. For example: television. Television delivered us new information or update news from around the world. But, it is was also gave us a negative impact through its bad quality and unuseful programs. It was happened with the internet too. Internet help us easily to acces all kinds of positive things in the world just by sitting in front of a computer or laptop. There are many sites can be easily accessed by children to increase their knowledges and attitudes. Internet also gave an excellent programs or learning modules for children which can be accessed any times and anywhere. However, internet gave us a negative impact if we used it in wrong way and trying to access the unbeneficial site.


          Besides that, the presence of gadgets gave negative impact to our children. The various interested programs which offered by gadget had made them lazy to read or even to study. They are too busy with they mobile phones/smartphones rather than going to the library to read books.

In summary : Eventhough the advanced technology facilitate all aspects of human life but it also bring negative impact to human life. We must be more wisely in using this technology. The role of parents and teachers are needed to limit the use of smarphones or handphones to our children. Besides that, parents should arrange the time between using the smartphone and study. They have to assist their children during those activities too.






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