Dinas Kearsipan dan Perpustakaan Prov. Kep. Bangka Belitung

New Building, New Spirit



The activity on libraries and reading interest with the theme of socialization of competency and certification tests to improve the librarian's professionalism as the spearhead of the literacy socialization were completed yesterday (19/09). Although this activity was held for only a half day, it was so meaningful for librarians especially for librarians of civil servants as it discussing about their career steps.

This event was directly opened by the Head of Archives and Regional Library of Bangka Belitung Province, Marwan Muchtar. It was also attended by thirty participants from librarians, library managers in the entire of Bangka Belitung Province and also the relevant departments surrounding.

In his opening speech, he mentioned that librarians must be more concerned with the number of visitors who come to the library rather than busy looked for the credit score. In addition, librarian also must be able to promote the library to users so they will know and come to the library.

The opening speech was also stated on Law Number 43 of 2007 on Library about the purpose of the library to provide services to users, increase the passion of reading, and broaden the insight and knowledge to educate the nation. What a noble goal right?

Library can simply be concluded as a place that provides library collections to users. A library also must fulfill the 3 (three) elements such as place, collections and users. All of those elements are related and can’t be separated. This is the initial capital of a library to expand its wings in spreading the "virus" of reading to users. Besides, the government and librarians’s supported are also needed in providing the best service to users.

The Public Library Service of Bangka Belitung Islands Province is almost fulfills all the elements. It has more than 15 titles of collections, numbers of users who come to the library and a representative building even still not permanently. Hopefully, the Public Library Service of Bangka Belitung Islands Province will have a representatitif building which completed with luxurious room and furnitures in the future. 

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