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15 minutes per day



In generally, each human being had a basic competence of reading. This activity can be regarded as the foundation of a person's character and self-competence which is recommended from the family environment, education, and religion. Because people's character could be formed through what they had read. Finochiaro (1973) states that reading is to understand a meaning and its meaning contained in written language.

Reading is divided into two types. They are reading aloud and reading in the heart. Reading aloud is an activity which usually do technically or reading aloud in front of public. Reading aloud often used by someone to convey their ideas to others by reading the text. While reading in the heart is reading carefully so that the reader able to understand the intent and purpose of the author in his essay.

How important is reading activity until the Qur’an (The Holy Book of The Muslim) revealed its first revelation named Iqra' which means read. There are some benefits of reading. For examples: it could raise our knowledges or informations and give beneficial to our brain and body. This studies and experiments have been proven by some experts. One interesting fact stated that reading fifteen (15) minutes per day regularly, could keep our brain work optimally as there are more than a million words are processed within a year.

An amazing fact stated that if we spent 15 minutes per day to read, it will provide enormous benefits to our life. No wonder that Indonesia started to incite Indonesian to spend 15 minutes per day to read since a few years ago. This statement is also stated in the policy as outlined in the Regulation of Minister of Education and Culture Number 23 of 2015 on the growing of character that every school is obliged to apply the students must read a book for 15 minutes before the lesson started everyday as It is useful to develop the potential of students.

This activity is good to be applied in each level of schools starting from elementary, junior high school and senior high school. If this activity’s implementation is running well, it means that we helped our younger generation to keep their brain work optimally. Reading activity are also believed could strength our memories, relieve stress, and ward off Alzheimer's disease or dementia (Literature: 2017). For those benefits, reading activity is not only belongs to school children but it apply for each person. Starting from today, let's take 15 minutes per day to read a book. Read any kinds of books that we loved but it would be better if we read book of science, hobbies, and other interesting subjects. Limit your time just to read the status on social media. It is not wrong but it would be better if we do or read something that will raise our knowledges or even mastered it.

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