Dinas Kearsipan dan Perpustakaan Prov. Kep. Bangka Belitung




President Joko Widodo had responded the aspirations of the reading interest activists which coming from various locations at the State Palace in May. To minimize the book prices in remote areas, Jokowi instructed to give away for free the shipping charges via Pos Indonesia for one day in each month. The President realized that the factors which cause the book prices were more expensive in remote areas were not only caused by the high price of book itself but also the high cost of shipping. To solve that problem, President Jokowi directly instructed the Minister of State Owned Enterprises, Rini Soemarno to give away for free the shipping charges via PT Pos Indonesia. The order had approved and will be realized soon.

Finally, for the first time, on May 20th, the government implemented the shipping books to all over Indonesia via Pos Indonesia. For the next free shipping book will be valid in each 17th with the weight up to 10 kg for each shipment at the central post office only.

This matter was conducted to support the reading culture movement in Indonesia and hopefully could overcome the reading interest problems in Indonesia. In addition, with this free shipping charges could overcome the readiness of library materials especially in remote areas.

 Here are the terms and ways to send free books from the Post Office:

1.  Maximum weight 10 kg per package but available to send more than one package.

2.  Write password “BERGERAK”.

President hoped that this program will accelerate the distribution books from city to village especially in remote areas. Hopefully, the President’s expectation will be come true, Amin.

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