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Built Librarian Creativity



In this modern era, creativity and professionals are needed for a librarian. Both of these things are supported and strengthen each other to meet the users’s need accordance to their fields. The growth of information technology will stimulate the librarians’s ability in processing the information. The information-based on multimedia was more chosen by users as it can be seen, heard, and tried. The result will be more quickly understood by users. In this modern era, librarians need to raise their ability on the information technology applications, including multimedia in the field of libraries and documentation to provide faster, precise and accurate information for users. This is also their big opportunity to be more mastered especially in collecting, processing, storing, retrieving information and disseminating information electronically to meet users need.

According to Seto (2004:2) According to Seto (2004: 22), that creative thinking is the ability to find many possible answers to a problem based on available data or information, where the emphasis is based on the quality, usability and diversity of answers. While Sund (in Munandar 1987: 37) states that individuals with creative potential possess the following characteristics: (a) great curiosity, (b) be open to new experiences, (c) reasonableness, (d) (f) tend to seek a broad and satisfactory answer, (g) have passionate and active dedication in performing tasks, (h) flexible thinking, (i) responding to questions (k) the ability to make the analysis and synthesis, (k) have the spirit of questioning and researching, (l) having a fairly good abstraction, and (m) having a sufficiently wide reading background. Thus it can be concluded that creativity as a capability that reflects fluency, flexibility and originality in thinking, as well as the ability to elaborate (develop, enrich, detail) an idea. The key to creativity is the ability to assess problems from different points of view so that it becomes a better solution. Different perspectives will stimulate ideas and develop new cognitive structures.

In this information era, librarians are required to be more creative to follow the rapid of information tehnology. They must be able to change the structure of strategic paradigm and replacing the human’s work with automation technology.

According to Stueart and Moran (2002) in this modern era, information managers or librarians must have 7 (seven) abilities:

  1. Technical skills, a librarian must know the process of work by subordinates.
  2. Political skill, a librarian must have a wide perspective, social problems including the environment of internal and external organization.
  3. Analytical Skills, a librarian must have good analytical skills to be part of the change of agent.
  4. Problem-solving skills, a librarian must solve the problems quickly, precisely and well.
  5. People skills, a librarian must have a good communication skills, including interpersonal communication, understanding and caring with others.
  6. System skills, a librarian must able to work in the system and could operate various network and communication systems.
  7. Business skills, a librarian must have a good business sense and interpreneurship spirit. The collections are asset to be maximally utilized.

 A librarian also must have some management and skills competencies:

1.  Mastering the technical skills

2. Technology Literate and mastered IT

3. Mastering minimum one foreign language

4. Good in communication both oral and written and love to read

5. Able to conduct research independently or groups

6. Able to teach and guide users


In Summary

Basically, the development of library is depends on the role of librarians. They must be sensitive to see the public’s needs. They are also should raised their creativity in library management to give excellent service and help users find precise and accurate information.

An ideal librarian must be kept on studying to raise their knowledge, receiving all inputs, balancind all the collecting information and aligning of each action. Their creativities and sense of aware were also needed for the progress of its library. 

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