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Innovation of Library Development



Library is a place to provide information services to the public. Public will be easy to find information if the library can run its function well and managed by professional staffs. In providing information service, a library also should create new innovation accordance with user’s need so that a library can be fully utilized by users. A library is also need an attention from various parties for a better progress in the future.


Library is one of learning resources for users that could increase their knowledge. In running its function, a library faced many obstacles which caused from several factors such as lack of understanding of the importance of a library as a unit that could increase user’s knowledge, less attention from stakeholders, limited of human resources (HR), low interest in reading and less utilized of a library. To overcome these obstacles, support, attention and strategies from all parties are needed.

 According to Zimmerer & Scarborough (2008), innovation is the ability to apply creative solutions of problems and opportunities to improve and enrich human life. Innovation is an individual process of turning, an opportunity into an idea that can be marketed (marketable idea). Innovation of Library Development is needed to maximize the utilization of the library. With the availability of rooms which have many variations of books and the maximal services of the library officers are expected could provide maximum satisfaction for users. Giving satisfaction is not only providing services but how users can used what has been provided in the library maximally. 

Innovation Development Library is divided into 4:

  1. Innovation of service: customer care=costumer satisfaction=service excellent

A library must be customize which means that a library should make a better, satisfied and continued service.

  1. An adequate facility, up to date
  2. A friendly officer
  3. Convenience : place, condition and situation
  4. Could fulfill the needs of users both books and programs


  1. Innovation of activity

The activities must be made in a participatory with the users, must be inline between one another and continued to be developed based on the interests of society

  1. Innovation of community empowerment

Community can be involved in each activity and each service. For example: entrusted some collections in every point of a particular service.

  1. Innovation of partnership

The library will not be growth without having a good cooperation with private sector as sponsor. The government needs to rebuild the transparency, professional work, clear and timely accountability trusted with private sector. The rasionality and clarity of a compresehensif program are needed too.

In Conclusion:

A library must be able to bring and offer an easy access for users by giving them a qualified thing especially when they are trying to find information in the library. To support those things, the creativity of a librarian is needed to make a library as a productive place in provisions of collection materials.



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